From Clay to Classroom (46)

2015.11.12 18:42

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The next couple of days were spent catching up on writing, responding to e-mails, and sorting out the project cost overruns. I needed extra funds for the projects, so I was glad that I had pre-arranged with my bank to give my bookkeeper, Esther, authorization to access my account and wire me an additional few thousand dollars. Within a couple of days of my request, she e-mailed back with her usual wry humor: “...enjoying my new life here in the Bahamas... just kidding, I watched them push the send button.”

Mathew phoned on Friday to advise on Rose’s situation. Things were getting close. “We took her to hospital this morning. She was in distress,” Mathew said.

“I hope she’s OK,” I said.

“Nothing to worry about. The doctor said everything is normal. He is confident that it will be an easy delivery, not like Lissa. Her delivery was very long and difficult, and painful for Rose.

“I will remain here now,” he continued. “And I will keep you informed.” “Mathew, that’s not necessary.”
“Yes, I want to share this with you.”

“OK,” I said. (And felt flattered he thought I was important enough.)

At breakfast the next day, an excited Mathew phoned.

A healthy little Maureen had been born at 5:30AM on Saturday, 27 November, 2010.